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22nd Annual California Charter Schools Conference

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The 22nd Annual California Charter Schools Conference was held in Sacramento, March 16 – 19, 2015. EdTec was proud to be a sponsor, exhibitor, and Breakout Session presenter on 8 key topics with partner schools and other expert organizations.

If you were unable to attend the conference this year and would like printable PDF copies of session handouts, click on the link under each session, or email askus@edtec.com and we'll be happy to send them to you via email.

Measuring Up: Using Charter School Benchmarks for Budgeting

  • Tuesday 3/17, 2:00pm – 3:15pm Sacramento Convention Center 311 Rounds
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: Charter schools benefit from understanding what other schools are spending. This session features a comparative analysis of averages, ranges, and patterns in charter expense data that provides valuable perspective to the budgeting process. We’ll explore how to support decision-making through examining statewide data – broken down into sub-groups by demographics, region, and years in operation. Learn how to interpret benchmark data, and use it in making more informed budget decisions.
  • Presenters: Yoon Chang (EdTec Inc.), Shiela Skibbie (Kepler Neighborhood School), Krista Kastriotis (Knowledge Enlightens You (KEY) Academy)

Making Your Data Come Alive

  • Tuesday 3/17, 2:00pm – 3:15pm Sacramento Convention Center 310
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: Learning how to tell a compelling story with your school and student data can be difficult, but it’s vital to making your data shine with authorizers, funders, and other stakeholders. We’ll explore how to get the most out of your data by combining effective longitudinal tracking with dynamic charts and graphs, and listen to one school’s experience using student data to paint a vivid picture of their success.
  • Presenters: Tracey Katz and Annice Weinstein (EdTec Inc.), Wanny Hersey (Bullis)

Keep Calm & Get Your Audit On!

  • Tuesday 3/17, 2:00pm – 3:15pm LL Sacramento Convention Center 205
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: Each year, California charter schools anxiously prepare for their audits. That anxiety comes from fear of the unknown, feeling unprepared, anxiety about financial matters, and the nature of anything compliance-related. Learn how to effectively and efficiently implement key fiscal policies, understand the various requests, and interact with your auditors to make the process a considerably less stressful experience. Our panelists have participated in hundreds of audits, so they will share their best practices.
  • Presenters: Gasper Magallanes (EdTec Inc.), James Rotherham (Hosaka, Rotherham & Company)

Board Governance & Accountability: Tools for Success

  • Tuesday 3/17, 3:00pm – 4:15pm Sheraton Beavis
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: A well-functioning board is critical to a charter school's success. This interactive session is for board members, school leaders, and others interested in evaluating and improving board effectiveness. The session provides a practical understanding of board responsibilities, processes, and accountability metrics. Throughout the session, participants will work through problem-solving cases, leveraging frameworks, tools, and the experiences of their peers, and leave with a brand new toolkit to boost board performance and success.
  • Presenters: Dorothy Lee (EdTec Inc.), Beth Bernstein-Yamashiro (ECMS-Inglewood Principal and Board Member at Los Angeles Leadership Academy), Brian L. Holman (Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP)

Your school is Great and You Know It. Now Prove It.

  • Tuesday 3/17, 9:30 – 4:15pm – 5:30pm, Sacramento Convention Center 314
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: Between the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and authorizer requirements, charter schools are constantly being asked to prove they have met goals established in their charter. But are you collecting the information you need to provide that proof? We will discuss how to use your charter’s goals to establish concrete, quantifiable measures of student progress and success, explore alternative measures to state test scores, and focus on sub-populations, retention and persistence.
  • Presenters: Annice Weinstein & Chris Lim (EdTec Inc.), Mandy Breuer (ECHS)

How to Set Up Common Core Grading in PowerSchool (Poster Session)

  • Wednesday 3/18, 12:45-1:45, Blended Learning/Technology Expo 
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: Participants will be walked through the process of setting up common core grading in PowerSchool and will gain resources and best practices around organizing standards to get the most out of the PowerTeacher Gradebook. Attendees will leave with useful tips on how to build a standards-based report card around the Common Core and how best to use the data in PowerSchool to communicate the effectiveness of a school’s program.
  • Presenters: Chris Lim, Jennifer Kaneshiro and Ethan Hurdus (EdTec Inc.)

Thinking out of the Cash Box: Tips & Tricks from the Masters

  • Wednesday 3/18, 2:45pm – 4:00pm, Sacramento Convention Center 307 Rounds
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: For the past two decades, charter operators have dealt with the ever-changing California financial climate. Leaders have been challenged to find strategies to reduce costs, generate revenues and manage cash flow. Participants will hear from a panel of experienced leaders and leave with practical strategies for effective and creative fundraising, methods to maximize attendance rates, and thoughtful analysis of back office services and financing options.
  • Presenters: Kristin Dietz (EdTec Inc.), Irene Sumida (Fenton), Joe Lucente (Lucente Educational Consulting), Roger Lowenstein (LA Leadership Academy)

Making blended learning work: Finances & operations of a great tech program

  • Wednesday 3/19, 10:45am - 12:00pm, Sacramento Convention Center 316
  • Click here to download the session handouts
  • Description: It's a very exciting time in education technology! With increasingly better online curriculum and the new Smarter Balanced assessments, many charter school leaders and developers are actively considering how to build out a blended learning program. But the cost and logistics of doing so can be hard to navigate. Hear from finance and operations experts, as well as several schools, to learn the basics and best practices of developing a blended learning budget and strong supporting operations.
  • Presenters: Dena Koren (EdTec Inc.), Caitrin Wright (Silicon Schools Fund), Jon Deane (Summit Public Schools)