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EdTec Connect Update: Update CALPADS by Thursday to Ensure Proper API / AYP Calculations

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For the first time, the CDE will pull demographic information for API and AYP calculations directly from CALPADS. Enrollment and demographic information (e.g. enrollment numbers since CBEDS, ethnicity/race, disabilities, English proficiency, etc.) used to be gathered from the STAR pre-ID files or from student answer sheets. Information on your students will be pulled from CALPADS this Friday, June 28. It is important you confirm that your enrollment and demographic information is up to date in CALPADS by Thursday, June 27.

The enrollment and demographic information in CALPADS will be used to determine whether the students' scores count towards the school's API / AYP calculations and it will also be used to determine statistically significant subgroups.

See below for how to check your data in CALPADS as well as for information on the STAR Quick Turnaround file, arriving at your school this month. The STAR Quick Turnaround file provides your students' overall scores in each subject area and can be used to estimate your API score.

Review Your Data in CALPADS

The best way to review your data in CALPADS is to run the Spring Student Profile List Report. To do this, go to Reports>ODS Reports. Scroll down to the Spring section to 8.1 Student Profile List. From there, select your school name from the dropdown and View Report. You have the option to download the report once it appears. Note: Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for CALPADS.

When correcting your data, you should pay particular attention to the following:

  • Correct entry and exit dates
  • Ethnicity and rate
  • Parent eductation level
  • Program participation

    • NSLP status
    • English proficiency, including RFEP dates and 3-year performance on the CST ELA
    • Primary disability

API Estimation: STAR Quick Turnaround File

This year, the CDE is releasing a STAR Quick Turnaround file to LEAs in June with students' CST/CMA scores from the multiple choice portions of each subject area. In addition to giving schools an idea of how their students performed overall in each subject area (minus the writing portions of ELA for grades 4 and 7), the scores can be used to get a rough estimate of a school's API. The full STAR file will still be released later in the summer and will provide more detailed information on student performance as well as the writing scores for grades 4 and 7.

For more information about the API, go here.

The API information guide can be found here.

And the API calculation spreadsheet can be found here.

Each year, the CDE calculates a Base API and Growth API for the school year. This year, you will be comparing the 2012 Base API to the 2013 Growth API in order to determine growth for the year. The 2012 Base API is calculated using the 2011-12 test performance and the 2012-13 API calculator.

There have been changes to the API calculation for 2012-13. It no longer includes the writing portion of the 4th/7th grade ELA test and it also no longer penalizes students for taking the General Math exam.

As a result, your 2012 Growth API may differ from your 2012 Base API even though they are based on the same year's test performance. You should be comparing the 2012 Base API to the 2013 Growth API to determine growth for 2012-2013.

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