EdTec Announces Partnership with Friday

May 22, 2020

EdTec is excited to announce a new partnership with Friday, a strategy and design firm supporting charter schools with strategic planning, branding, and program design. After years of working closely with Annie Crangle, a former educator turned strategist, EdTec can now tap into her firm’s full capabilities to offer unique value to schools.

EdTec and Friday have formed a unique partnership that gives charter schools the opportunity to collaborate with two experienced firms offering complementary services. EdTec provides charter schools with business, operations and performance services, while Friday leads strategy and design processes, including everything from 3-5 year strategic plans, leadership development programs, school improvement initiatives, and re-envisioned brands.

By combining expertise and sharing strategic insights with one another, EdTec and Friday are able to offer thoughtful, innovative solutions for charter schools across the country. For example:

  • Friday designs leadership programs informed by EdTec’s charter school expertise
  • EdTec provides a student data analytics perspective to inform Friday’s K-12 equity work
  • Friday develops compelling banding enhanced by EdTec’s marketing and strategic communications
  • EdTec makes financial projections that factor in growth strategies articulated by Friday
  • Friday creates strategic plans aligned to compliance goals developed by EdTec

We look forward to working together with Friday to serve charter schools’ unique needs. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can support your school, reach out to let us know.

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