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A Message of Unity from EdTec

June 12, 2020

Dear Partner,

You inspire us with your fierce determination to do whatever it takes to create a better school for your community.

You amaze us with the passion, creativity, innovation and selflessness that inform all you do for and with your students and communities.

You humble us with your wisdom, perspective, insight and, most important, the way in which you make us feel like a part of your community.

We are inspired to see how you, our school partners, are coming together to advocate for social justice and lead our nation in creating a safer, more just, and equitable future for our young people.

We are sickened and outraged by the racial injustices perpetrated against communities of color, and the lack of leadership in addressing these systemic issues. While these issues are not new, we are hopeful that the powerful message of solidarity against systemic racism that continues to be sent through Black Lives Matter protests around the nation is finally beginning to break through. We realize that there is still much work to be done and we commit to doing our part.

We exist because we see education as a foundational catalyst for change:

“We believe:

  • Charter schools improve education, which is a cornerstone of our society
  • Our company is a community, where respect and mutual caring are paramount”

That is an excerpt from our original mission statement – since 2001, we have existed solely to support you in bringing equity and community to public education. We are proud to be your partner as you strive for social justice by providing opportunities for students who would not otherwise have them, and by equipping them to combat the structural inequalities that are embedded in our society.

The events of the past weeks have reminded us that we can, and need, to do more. We are committed to the important work of confronting bias and reinforcing EdTec’s values of diversity and inclusion in our workplace, and to that end have started to engage in meaningful discussions with our team. We have also been actively discussing actions we could take as a company to enact lasting change both internally and throughout the communities we serve.

Unsettling times like these only reignite our motivation to support you in the hard work needed to break the cycle of inequity. As always, we stand determined and ready to support, learn from, and serve you and your communities as best we can. We look forward to engaging in those conversations with you, and to moving forward, together.


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