Introducing EdTec + Friday’s Brand & Communications Sprints for Charter Schools


April 19, 2024


We are excited to launch our newest service offering in partnership with Friday: Brand & Communications Sprints for Charter Schools!

At EdTec, we understand the profound impact that charter schools have on students, families, and communities. As a trusted partner to over 300 charter schools across the country, we’ve witnessed firsthand the dedication and innovation of charter leaders. Their unwavering commitment to student success inspires us daily.

In addition to working hard to fulfill the mission and vision of the school they pioneered, charter school leaders are also responsible for daily operations, budget management, accountability requirements, and so much more. They wear many hats and are constantly pulled in multiple directions, making it difficult to find time to promote all the great things happening at their school and expand the school’s reach in the community.

That’s where Friday and EdTec come in: we serve as your spotlight and megaphone, helping you to highlight your achievements and shout them from the rooftops!



Since 2001, EdTec has supported charter schools with charter application development, back office, school data and compliance, grant writing, school software, and consulting, all in alignment with our vision to have the greatest positive impact on the quality of public education. Friday partners with educational organizations to develop authentic brands that resonate with their audiences and drive real results, including increased applications, a more diverse student body, and an enduring strategic approach.

Together, our teams bring over 25 years of experience helping charter schools to thrive, and our complementary areas of focus give rise to comprehensive, strategic, impactful branding and communications support for charter schools.

Combining EdTec’s charter school expertise with Friday’s impact-driven creativity, our unique partnership introduces three distinctive six-week sprints, each tailored to address school-specific branding and communication needs:

Brand Sprints focused on defining foundational messaging and visual identities.

Communications Sprints leveraging existing branding to refine and enhance recruitment, enrollment, and outreach.

Campaign Sprints producing immediately actionable communications or marketing campaigns supporting a specific goal.

We look forward to working together to help charter schools across the country grow and thrive!

To learn more about EdTec + Friday’s joint services, visit our partnership page and connect with us today.

Read the original blog post from Friday here.

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