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Five Minutes of Updated Practical Fundraising Advice for Charter Schools

By Melanie Horton, Director of Marketing Originally published October 24, 2017; last updated November 23, 2021 All charter schools can use a few extra dollars to fund projects and programs that support the success of their students. Wherever your school is with its fundraising strategy, there’s always room for evaluation and improvement. We’ve put together a list of five simple actions schools can take to […]

Tune into Education Strategy with EdTec’s Partner, Friday

EdTec’s Jeremy Divinity, a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice at Loyola Marymount University, was joined by Friday’s Annie Crangle and Dr. Jeffrey Hunt to discuss the power of strategic planning during a crisis in a recent podcast episode titled, “From Crisis Management to Strategic Planning“. During the podcast episode, Annie and Dr. […]

Know What You Need to Know to Start a New Charter School

Every year, new charter schools across the country are started by teachers, community leaders, and education advocates with a vision to make high-quality educational options available to all families. There are many things to consider on this journey for your new charter school, including the application process, student recruitment, facility acquisition, authorizer relations, and financing […]

Grant Opportunities for Charter Schools – July 2021

This post includes grant opportunities with deadlines starting in August and September 2021.  EdTec is here to help your school secure additional funding for day-to-day operations or special projects. We’ve put together a list of regional and national grant opportunities currently available to charter schools. See below for more information. If you’re interested in receiving […]

Setting Up Your Data Systems for Successful Performance Analysis

June 2021 By: Annice Weinstein  This school year has brought a new set of challenges and requirements to charter schools regarding student performance and data analysis. Schools opting to administer local assessments instead of, or in addition to, state tests will still need to disaggregate and report results by student group. This raises the question […]

Leading in a Crisis: Spotlight Our School Partners During School Reopening

April 28, 2021 As school reopening continues to be a main topic of conversation and debate across communities nationwide, school leaders face the challenges of determining when students will return and what a typical school day will look like. Re-opening hasn’t been uniform across the country, and the guidelines and strategies vary by state (EducationWeek). […]

Connect with EdTec at the California Charter Schools Virtual Conference!

(This post has been updated to include links to the session recordings that are only accessible to conference attendees.)  March 2, 2021 EdTec is proud to be a sponsor, exhibitor, and presenter at the California Charter Schools Virtual Conference! The conference is scheduled for March 15-19, 2021. EdTec staff, along with our partner organizations and […]

Promoting Equity in Education: Five Takeaways from RAPSA For Charter School Leaders & Educators

By Jeremy Divinity, Marketing Specialist December 2020 Last month, I attended a virtual conference, RAPSA Forum, hosted by the Reaching At-Promise Students Association. The event focused on leading educational accountability and providing equitable education solutions for ‘at-promise’ students. These students are typically minority, black and brown, and come from a background of poverty. These same […]

Ongoing Performance Monitoring to Drive Gains in Student Achievement

By Annice Weinstein, Senior Manager, Assessment Data & Analysis November 2020  EdTec’s charter school data and assessment experts support school leaders in developing plans to monitor progress on identified measurable outcomes, and schools that follow a defined process have shown considerable gains in student performance.   Amid all the uncertainty and unexpected changes this school year, it is […]