Part 2 Rethinking Compensation: A Tactical Guide

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By Allison Wyatt, Founding Partner, Edgility Consulting September 10, 2018 In our last blog post, we noted that compensation ought to address the needs of teachers and staff, as well as to the organization’s own objectives. We recommend that you start with establishing a sense of just how competitive you want your compensation to be, and in what specific roles … Read More

Part 1 Rethinking Compensation: A Matter of Value

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By Allison Wyatt, Founding Partner, Edgility Consulting August 31, 2018 Staffing is a critical ingredient for any education organization — and finding the right people has never been tougher. For decades, the supply of new teachers has been slowing down, particularly in critical subject areas such as math, science, and English language learning, as well as in high-need low-income schools. … Read More

Charter Renewal Do’s and Don’ts from an Authorizer’s Lens

By Stephanie Cho, Business Development Manager, EdTec Inc. Originally published October 2011 Renewal can be a daunting process for even the most prepared and organized charter schools. The process is time-consuming and often produces anxiety within the community. The uncertainty and politics that surround charter approvals and renewals. In an effort to shed light on what authorizers look for from … Read More