Grant Opportunities for Charter Schools – Fall 2023

This post includes grant opportunities with deadlines in October 2023.

EdTec is here to help your school secure additional funding for day-to-day operations or special projects. We’ve compiled a list of regional and national grant opportunities for charter schools. See below for more information.

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Nationwide Grant Opportunities

Knowles Teacher Initiative, Knowles Teaching Fellowship

Purpose: Fellowships to USA early-career teachers to participate in a professional development program to advance their teaching careers in high school-level mathematics and science. Selected fellows will receive stipends and grants, mentoring and coaching, and networking resources, and may receive funding for participation in college courses, teacher workshops, conferences, and internships. Funding is intended for teachers in the disciplines of mathematics, physics, biology, and/or chemistry. Knowles Teaching Fellowships are explicitly designed to support beginning high school teachers; hence the Foundation is seeking candidates who are committed to working with adolescents and teaching math or science at the high school level.

Deadline: October 13, 2023
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Purpose: Grants to USA nonprofit and youth organizations, schools, and parks departments to purchase outdoor recreational equipment. The purpose of this program is to help promote physical activity, reduce childhood obesity, and encourage play for all. This special matching fund offer applies to PowerScape (including Altus and Spire Towers), PrimeTime (including Odyssey), Xscape, IONiX, Modern City, and Stadium, as well as select Challenge Courses and THRIVE fitness systems.

Deadline: October 20, 2023
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Veterans of Foreign Wars National Citizenship Education Teacher Award

Purpose: Awards of $3,000 and in-kind support to USA K-12 teachers to recognize excellence and dedication in teaching students topics related to civic responsibility. Eligible candidates are those that conduct activities that educate students about beliefs and values that are essential to democracy. One elementary school, middle school, and high school teacher will be selected at the national level. Teachers who promote flag etiquette, civic responsibility, and patriotism are prime candidates for the award. In addition to cash awards, winners will receive commemorative plaques and all-expenses-paid trips to the VFW National Convention.

Deadline: October 31, 2023
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California Grant Opportunities

SVCREATES, ArtsEdConnect

Purpose:Grants of up to $500, grants of up to $2,500, and grants of up to $3,000 to California K-12 teachers in eligible regions to support arts programs. Funding is intended to enrich students’ arts experience by providing teachers with needed materials and supplies and by creating opportunities for students to engage in arts activities and field trips. Eligible teachers are located in Santa Clara County.

Deadline: October 5, 2023
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Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Outreach Foundation, Building STEAM Classrooms Initiative

Purpose: In-kind support to California K-12 teachers in eligible regions for supplies related to STEM classes. Any number of teachers from the same school may apply for assistance. All materials received through the program must support STEM classwork. All funding is to benefit students and teachers in the Greater Bay Area, including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Benito, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma counties. The Synopsys Outreach Foundation works to ignite interest, nurture potential, and empower all K-12 students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In order to do this, they collaborate with Greater Bay Area education stakeholders and community partners to provide equitable and inclusive opportunities in project-based STEM.

Deadline: October 15, 2023
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Georgia Grant Opportunities

Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Conservation Section, Conservation Teacher of the Year Grant

Purpose: Grant of $1,000 to a Georgia teacher to implement an educational life science project for K-5 students. Funding is intended to support programs related to wildlife and their ecosystems and habitats. The goal of the grant program is to assist an elementary school teacher (including science specialists) who demonstrate exceptional energy and innovation in teaching life sciences. Although this grant emphasizes life science, cross-curricular teaching is highly encouraged. Prospective teachers must use Georgia’s native animals, plants, and habitats as the context for covering Georgia Standards of Excellence. Preference will be given to teachers who demonstrate creativity in project design and take learning outside, as well as projects that could not be funded otherwise. Teaching may take place in person (on school grounds) or virtually (online).

Deadline: October 16, 2023
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Greater Atlanta McDonald’s Owner’s Association

Purpose: Grants of $1,000, grant of $10,000, and grant of $20,000 to Georgia organizations and educators for programs that benefit K-12 students in eligible counties. Funding is intended for a range of projects, including educational initiatives, community services, arts and sports activities, technology, and mentorship and empowerment programs. Projects must take place in the Greater Atlanta area and benefit students in one of the following counties: Barrow, Bartow, Butts, Carroll, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dawson, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall, Haralson, Heard, Henry, Jasper, Lamar, Meriwether, Morgan, Newton, Paulding, Pickens, Pike, Rockdale, Spalding and Walton. Qualifying activities include the following, as long as need is demonstrated: Arts activities, Education initiatives, Mentorship and empowerment programs, After-school programs, Community service, Sports activities, Technology

Deadline: October 20, 2023
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GA 100 Initiative: Community Mini Soccer Fields Program

Purpose: Grants to Georgia nonprofit organizations and K-12 schools for the construction or enhancement of athletic fields. The purpose of the program is to benefit underresourced communities by increasing access to safe sports and building interest in the game of soccer. Funding may be used for the creation of new fields or for improvements to existing facilities.

Deadline: October 30, 2023
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Charter School Data Management

Don’t Have a Data Lead at Your Charter School? No Problem!

At EdTec, we believe that success is built upon collaboration. Our team of charter experts forms a strong partnership with your school, providing the strategic insight needed to keep you firmly on track towards your educational goals. We meet charter school leaders exactly where they are, offering expert guidance and comprehensive solutions to troubleshoot challenges, streamline processes, and create efficiencies.

Your Compass in the Sea of Data

Our team works with you to maximize your system’s features and benefits. We offer support with scheduling, report cards, and gradebook and GPA setup, and we can also create custom reports. Our team can also provide training as well as extend year-round helpdesk support to your team.

We recognize that charter schools operate within a unique landscape, and that’s why our support is charter-specific and real-time. You’ll have consistent access to a dedicated member of our team who specializes in charter schools. There is no wasted time spent navigating call menus or re-explaining an issue to a different support person unfamiliar with your school’s history and the specific requirements charters must meet.

Fuel Growth Through Student Achievement Analysis

Numbers tell a story, and we’re here to help you decipher it. Our experts perform comprehensive student achievement analyses, showcasing your school’s growth and progress. Our analysis includes an overview of school-wide performance, longitudinal cohort analysis, and insights into performance of grade levels and subgroups on state and local assessments, such as NWEA and i-Ready. We can also compare your school’s performance to state and local benchmarks,, Our analysis allows you to identify where things are going well as well as where extra supports may be needed, empowering you to make decisions that bolster student success.

Harness the Power of Learning Management Solutions

Through our partnership with Otus, a K-12 all-in-one Data, Assessment, and Learning Management Solution, you’ll have t a holistic view of your student’s performance by collecting and using data from multiple sources.

Create and share formative and summative assessments, track progress over time, differentiate instruction, and deliver personalized learning. Customization allows you to view performance by student group to ensure all students are growing and on pace to meet their goals. EdTec provides the Otus platform to charter schools large and small with attractive solution pricing and charter-specific, customized support.

Chart Your Course with Confidence

Navigating the waters of charter applications and renewals can be daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone. Our team of experts provides guidance to ensure your charter applications and renewals are not only strong and compliant but also aligned with your school’s vision and goals. With EdTec by your side, you can confidently steer your charter through the process with grace.

Plan for Renewal with Confidence

EdTec works with schools to develop strong, compliant, and successful charter renewal applications. Our expert team provides support with narrative development and student performance analysis, all while making sure your school’s goals are in alignment with your mission and vision. and budget creation.

Shape College-Ready Futures with Postsecondary Data Analysis

Through our partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse® EdTec offers the StudentTracker® for High Schools service to charter schools bundled with EdTec’s robust, charter-specific data services.

StudentTracker® for High Schools provides information about your graduates’ college enrollment, persistence, and completion. EdTec acts as your data lead, managing the data upload and reporting process. This valuable postsecondary data and analysis resource empowers schools to track goals tied to college readiness and completion and demonstrate progress for renewal and other compliance requirements.

Actionable School Plans in Partnership with Seasoned Charter Experts

At EdTec, we’re advocates, collaborators, and partners in your mission to provide an excellent education for your students. Our data and assessment services are designed to empower you with the tools, information, and insights needed to bolster student outcomes and fulfill the mission and vision of your charter.

Ready to harness the power of data? Reach out to us today to learn more about our charter school data and assessment services!

Making the Most of the Relationship with your Charter School Back Office Partner | Part 3 of 3

August 18, 2023

You’ve worked hard to choose the right charter school back office services partner, now it’s time to make the relationship flourish! A good relationship is built on a foundation of mutual understanding of expectations, roles, and responsibilities. Read on for a few best practices and tips for a smooth working relationship.

Clarify Responsibilities

Understanding what your charter school back office partner will provide for your school is critical. Once a school leader and board understand what is covered, they can fill any remaining gaps with additional staff or staff allocations to particular tasks. This understanding aids in the efficient completion of back office tasks and avoids costly mistakes that can be time consuming to fix.

Communication is Key

Address any communication and information transfer issues with internal staff and the back office partner quickly so efficient business routines are established from the outset of the relationship.

Quality Checks Start on Day One

Address response time and service level issues early so they do not become a problem. Gently, but firmly, keep the provider accountable for what is included in the contract to ensure that your needs and expectations are being met. Just as you do not settle for substandard work in the classroom, do not settle for it from your back office partner. And remember: excellence in the classroom can either be furthered or inhibited by the quality of your back office operations.

Delegate Internally

Assign a point person who is responsible for communicating with your back office partner for each function (e.g., accounts payable, payroll, etc.) Additionally, assign a person or team of people (e.g., school leader and board member) to oversee the work and make sure it all ties together. For example, a board member who is comfortable with financial statements should review the financial reports of the service provider and communicate questions and/or concerns.

Take the Time to Understand Your Financial Situation

Schedule time each month to review the financials in detail to understand your school’s current financial position, review budget variances, and discuss what assumptions are informing the forecast updates Even with a back office partner, charter school leaders will always need to be involved in critical decisions to ensure the financial stability of their school, and the board has fiduciary responsibility for the school.

Seek Guidance

Don’t hesitate to call upon the charter school back office support company for support. That’s what they’re there for; they’re your partner!

As a school leader, you put tremendous time, energy, and effort into ensuring that your students have the best teachers and the necessary resources to reach their potential. To ensure that your charter school, both as a business and learning center, reaches its highest potential, you need access to the finest support and resources.

If you’re interested in learning more about EdTec’s back office services and how we can support your school’s success, fill out the form below!  

charter school back office questions

Critical Questions to Ask When Choosing a Back Office Partner | Part 2 of 3

August 7, 2023

This is the second post of a three-part series on the stages of partnering with a back office support company for charter schools. The first part of the series explored the benefits of using a high-quality back office support company

Once your charter school has decided to work with a back office support company, the school’s leadership and board will need to determine which one is the best fit. A back office support company should be more than simply a vendor; it should be a strategic partner that has as much invested in the success of the school as the staff and board! While the handling of tasks and transactions will free up more time for you to focus on the school’s academic program, a true partner will help to align your budget and operations in support of that academic program.  

With so much at stake, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure that your school makes an informed decision. The following questions will help you determine where your school needs support, understand the services included in the back office bundle, assess the company’s flexibility in adjusting to your needs over time, and evaluate their service delivery staffing model and overall experience.  

Where do we need help?

The foundation for any successful relationship is knowing what you bring to the partnership and what you need from your partner, so it is crucial that the school staff and board do their research and carefully choose a provider that matches those needs. Identify the gaps in skills and knowledge of your staff and board. Do you already have a well-staffed business office and need a bookkeeper to provide transactional support, or are you looking for CFO-level guidance to help you plan for financial stability? Do you need support finding and financing a facility? Are there certain back-office functions that you want to keep in house?

What specifically is included in the service bundle?

Understand what is offered and what is not. Seek detailed clarification on pricing, depth, and frequency of services. For example, how often are cash flow and budget forecasts updated? Does the company provide audit support? What tools are made available to the school for on-demand visibility to its financial data? Will company representatives attend your board meetings to present updates and answer questions? Then determine if those services and tools match the expectations and needs of the school staff and board.

Can the service flexibility adjust to my needs over time?

Ask if the provider will tailor services to your needs or if it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. What defined service level options are available? Further, as your school evolves and your needs change over time, will the provider adjust its scope to meet your requirements?

What is the service delivery staffing model?

Find out if the provider has specialized staff with deep expertise in each functional area or if a single individual is attempting to wear multiple hats. Ask how many schools are assigned to your primary support resource and find out each company’s staff to client ratio. Additionally, clarify if you will have direct access to transactional support teams to troubleshoot issues as they arise.

What will the service delivery experience be like?

While the back-office services described by different companies may appear to be similar on paper, there can be tangible differences related to service delivery approach, support levels, and communication. Your best course is to spend the necessary time speaking with current clients of each provider to hear firsthand about their experiences. You might ask about responsiveness to requests, turnaround time, accuracy in reporting and projections, knowledge of compliance requirements, and proactivity in planning for the future. Additionally, don’t be satisfied with a few reference schools that have been selected for you by the provider; ask providers for a complete list of their back-office clients so that you can choose which schools to contact when performing reference checks.

Choosing a back office support company for your charter school is a critical decision that can have a significant impact on the school’s financial and operational success. At EdTec, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing charter schools, and we’re committed to providing comprehensive, flexible, and responsive back office services that meet the specific needs of each school we work with. 

If you’re interested in learning more about EdTec’s back office services and how we can support your school’s success, fill out the form below!  


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What Charter Schools Can Learn from the Barbie Movie’s Marketing Strategy

August 2, 2023

Consistency in branding is key.

Even those who haven’t seen the movie would recognize that shade of Barbie pink anywhere. The consistent use of the color in everything from billboards to product launches has left a lasting impression on consumers and created an automatic association with the Barbie brand. Charter schools can also establish a strong and recognizable identity.  As a first step, create a simple brand style guide that outlines rules around key details such as colors, font, and logo, and share it with teachers, coaches, and others who use the school’s brand elements. When your branding is the same on the school marquee, baseball jersey, and weekly newsletter, it will become more easily and quickly recognizable over time.

It’s also important to make sure your school’s mission and core values are communicated clearly and accurately to drive home your message and make it easy for prospective families to understand your focus. Conduct an audit of your website, communications, and promotional materials to ensure consistency in messaging. Remember that every time someone interacts with your brand is an opportunity to let them know why they should choose your school!

Partnerships can help to strengthen your brand.

The Barbie movie is a fantastic example of how partnerships can raise awareness and create buzz around your brand. From Barbie-branded apparel to bright pink hot sauce, we are constantly reminded to go see the movie. And while we aren’t suggesting you partner with Crocs to make a pair in your school colors (although this would really make your brand stand out!), there are a lot of other partnerships that could work for your school and support your branding efforts.

You could approach a popular local restaurant and ask them if they would host a fundraiser to donate a percentage of sales on a given day, such as your school’s opening anniversary or during national charter schools week, to tie into your larger campaign. In return, you would mention the promotion and thank the restaurant in flyers and/or emails sent to families. You might approach a local community center, church, or grocery store to ask if you can leave promotional materials in a high-traffic area. Another example is reaching out to local organizations and business to inquire about volunteer and/or mentorship and internship opportunities. And jokes about Crocs aside, other items could work – for example, consider teaming up with local artists or designers to create a new co-branded product with input from your school’s art, business, or engineering classes.

All of these strengthen your brand awareness while helping others in the community to understand your story and be compelled to share it!

Good storytelling keeps your audience engaged.

Strong marketing got people to the theatre, and a compelling story kept the buzz going and generated positive reviews. Charter schools can also harness the power and potential of storytelling to keep families engaged. Charter schools have the important elements of a compelling story – the characters, the mission, the stakes.  In practice, storytelling for charter schools looks a little different. Schools tell their stories at special events, on social media, and face-to-face with students, parents, and community members (for example, at board meetings and school tours). Share your achievements often and widely, and connect them to your school’s mission to reinforce your brand.

By implementing these key lessons from the Barbie movie’s marketing strategy, your charter school can enhance its branding, improve engagement with your community, and make a lasting impact with your message and mission. A consistent and compelling brand identity, coupled with strategic partnerships and effective storytelling, will contribute to increased awareness of and support for your school.



Charter School Back Office Questions to Ask

From Compliance to Cost Savings: How a Back Office Support Company Can Benefit Your Charter School | Part 1 of 3

July 31, 2023

As a charter school leader, running a successful school while fulfilling your school’s mission is your primary focus. However, you are also tasked with managing the business side of things, and smooth back office operations are critical to the success of every charter school. Keeping up with the administrative, business, and operations tasks with so much on your plate can be challenging. This is where a back office support company can help! Back office support companies provide a wide range of services to charter schools so that school leaders can focus their attention on where it matters most – fulfilling the vision of their charter.

The scope of back office services for charter schools varies, and may include accounting, budgeting, financial reporting and analysis, accounts payable and receivable, audit support, facilities, payroll, and human resources.  In this blog post, the first of a three-part series, we’ll explore five benefits of using a high-quality back office support company.

Focus on Providing Quality Education

Charter schools have an important mission to provide access to a high-quality public education. However, unlike traditional public schools, charters do not have a district central office to handle business functions. In turn, charter school leaders are responsible for both overseeing school operations and meeting the needs of students. By hiring a back office support company, charter school leaders can outsource the daily management of tasks such as payroll, budgeting, compliance, and financial reporting, freeing up more time to focus on educational outcomes. While charter school leaders will always need to be involved in critical decisions to ensure the financial stability of their school, a partnership with a back office support company allows them to do this together with experts.  

Cost Savings and Stability

Cost savings and stability are significant additional benefits of using a back office support company. By partnering with a third-party provider rather than hiring and managing a full-time business office staff, charter school leaders can leverage economies of scale that allow back office companies to provide services at a lower cost. This cost savings in administrative support frees up more dollars for the classroom, to invest in areas such as teacher salaries, facilities, educational materials, and equipment. Further, a back office company with scale provides critical stability to your school’s business operations by providing uninterrupted services and support. The outsourced back office model can insulate your school from the disruptions and related costs that would otherwise arise from school business office staff turnover, vacations, sick days, or medical leave in the purely internal staffing model. Although back office support companies are not immune to those staffing challenges, providers with scale have sufficient staffing capacity across functions and the structure to absorb and manage those disruptions, including the recruiting, hiring, and training of new staff, all while continuing to deliver uninterrupted service to their school clients. 

Expertise and Best Practices

Back office companies offer charter schools the expertise and experience to handle business tasks effectively and efficiently. Back office companies that specialize in supporting charter schools stay up to date on the latest sector best practices, funding sources, and related compliance requirements, to ensure that your school is running smoothly, maximizing available funding, and in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. Additionally, a high-quality back office support company can provide insightful financial analysis and scenario modeling for proactive, strategic decision making. This specialized level of charter school expertise is especially valuable forstart-up charter schools


Charter schools may experience rapid growth or fluctuating enrollment due to various external factors, making it challenging to manage operations effectively. However, some back office support companies offer scalable solutions meaning they can adjust their services to meet the current needs of your school, whether you’re experiencing growth or a downturn in enrollment. As a result, back office support companies offer the opportunity for charter schools to remain nimble and adapt to changing circumstances without sacrificing administrative support. 

Increased Transparency and Accountability

Charter schools are accountable to stakeholders and must meet high compliance standards and fiscal transparency. A back office support company can increase transparency and accountability in your school’s financial operations. As a third-party provider, a back office support company provides an objective view of your school’s financials, identifying areas where cost savings can be achieved or financial controls need to be strengthened. This level of oversight can help charter schools build trust with stakeholders, including parents, donors, and authorizers.  


In conclusion, there are many benefits to hiring a back office support company for your charter school. By delegating certain tasks to a back office provider, charter school leaders can reduce costs, benefit from expertise and best practices, scale appropriately, increase transparency and accountability – and, most importantly, have more time to focus on providing a high-quality education! 

If you’re considering a back office support company for your charter school, take time to research providers thoroughly and choose one that aligns with your school’s needs and values. If you want to learn more about EdTec’s back office services, contact us today! 


Grant Opportunities for Charter Schools – Summer 2023

This post includes grant opportunities with deadlines ranging from July 2023 – August 2023

EdTec is here to help your school secure additional funding for day-to-day operations or special projects. We’ve compiled a list of regional and national grant opportunities currently available to charter schools. See below for more information.

If you’re interested in receiving timely information about upcoming grant opportunities, sign up for the EdTec grants newsletter here.

Nationwide Grant Opportunities

Road Runners Club of America

Purpose: Grants of up to $1,000 to USA nonprofit organizations, running clubs, and elementary and middle schools to implement structured youth athletic programs. Funding is intended for either new or existing programs that encourage kids to run regularly. Proposals should be for running programs that incorporate educational topics and running activities, ideally utilizing the RRCA’s Kids Run the Nation curriculum.

Deadline: August 1, 2023
Learn more.


Knowles Teacher Initiative

Purpose:  Fellowships to USA early-career teachers for teaching opportunities in high school-level mathematics and science. Fellows will receive stipends and grants, mentoring and coaching, and networking resources. Funding is intended for teachers in the disciplines of physics, biology, mathematics, or chemistry

Deadline: August 7, 2023
Learn more.


Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) Grant, U.S. Department of Education

Purpose: Grants to USA consortia of LEAs, the BIE, and nonprofit and community organizations or other entities to plan, implement, and operate community schools. Funding is intended to support integrated, effective services for children in high-poverty and rural public elementary and secondary schools. The purpose of the program is to provide academic, social, and health services for students, students’ family members, and community members that will result in improved educational outcomes for children.

Deadline: August 8, 2023
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National Society of High School Scholars

Purpose: Grants of $1,000 to USA, Canada, and International educators to improve the instruction of advanced placement classes and STEAM education. Interested applicants must register as an educator with the funding source prior to applying.

Deadline: August 15, 2023
Learn more.

California Grant Opportunities

Antibias Education Program

Purpose: Antibias Education Grant to be used for purposes of preventing, addressing, and eliminating racism and bias in all California public schools, and making all public schools inclusive and supportive of all people. This grant will be used for training and resources to prevent and address bias or prejudice toward any group of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, immigration status, language, or any actual or perceived characteristic listed in Section 422.55 of the Penal Code. Emphasis shall be on preventing anti-Semitism and bias or prejudice toward groups, including, but not limited to, African Americans, Asian-Pacific Islanders, Latinos, and people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning youth (LGBTQ).

Deadline: July 20, 2023
Learn more.


Teichert Foundation

Purpose: Teichert Foundation will consider grant requests in the following categories: civic improvement and historical restoration, Community and social services; Culture and the arts; Education; Environmental planning and preservation; Rehabilitation and health service; Transportation and planning; Youth and elderly

Deadline: August 4, 2023
Learn more.


Lawrence Livermore National Security Giving Program

Purpose: The program addresses the state’s teacher shortage in STEM, special education, bilingual education, and transitional kindergarten, by supporting local education agencies (LEAs) to recruit classified school employees into teaching careers and support their undergraduate education, professional teacher preparation, and certification as credentialed California teachers. Grant awards of up to $4,800 per participant per year may be made to school districts, county offices of education, or charter schools interested in securing grant funding to recruit and support classified staff who already hold an associate or higher degree to complete a bachelor’s degree and earn a California teaching credential.

Deadline: August 21, 2023
Learn more.

Georgia Grant Opportunities

The Pitney Bowes Foundation

Purpose:Funding is intended to expand access and opportunity to high-quality learning, with a focus on Pre-K through Grade 12 students in underserved public schools.

Deadline: July 15, 2023
Learn more.


New York Grant Opportunities

Watershed Forestry Bus Tour Program

Purpose:Grants to New York organizations, community groups, and fourth- to twelfth-grade classrooms in eligible regions for environmental education field trips and tours. The purpose of the program is to teach students about their local trees, forests, watersheds, and drinking water supply systems. Funding is for meals; transportation; and program, facilitator, and lodging costs.

Deadline: August 11, 2023

Learn more.


If you’re interested in receiving timely information about upcoming grant opportunities, sign up for the EdTec grants newsletter here. EdTec can also provide support with grant writing – reach out to our grants specialist to discuss your school’s needs!

Connect with EdTec at the 2023 Georgia Charter Schools Conference!

EdTec is excited to be a sponsor, exhibitor, and presenter at the 2023 Georgia Charter Schools Conference!  EdTec staff, along with our partner organizations and partner schools, will present two breakout sessions.

We invite you to stop by Table 2 to learn more about our services and solutions for charter schools. At EdTec, we are committed to providing high-quality support and resources to charter schools, and we look forward to connecting with charter school leaders at this year’s conference.

EdTec Breakout Sessions

We believe in providing charter schools with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. That’s why we’re excited to present two informative breakout sessions! Each session will be led by one of our experienced team members, and attendees will come away with practical strategies for improving their schools. Please see below for session details.

Tuesday, March 14

  • The New Charter School’s Guide to Pre-Launch | 8:30am – 9:30am
    • Your charter application has been approved…and now the hard work continues as you prepare for opening day! In this session we will address important finance, operations, and governance topics for new school leaders and board members, including managing cash flow, understanding financial statements, and navigating challenges with facilities, personnel, and student recruitment. Our panel of experts and distinguished school leaders will share their experiences, lessons learned, and things to avoid as you prepare to welcome students.
  • A Conversation on Replication in GAs New Charter Landscape | 1:50pm – 2:50pm
    • This session will focus on how high performing charter schools can use replication as a tool to reach more families, communities, and students. We will briefly go over the prerequisites to replicate with the SCSC and how the process works. Afterwards, a panel of 3 distinguished school leaders will discuss their experience with the process, obstacles to avoid, and the overall benefits that the school has realized.

We look forward to seeing you at our booths and sessions. We hope everyone has a great conference experience full of learning, networking, and inspiration.

Simple Fundraising Actions Your School Can Implement Today

By Melanie Horton, Director of Marketing

Originally published October 24, 2017; last updated November 27, 2023

All charter schools can use a few extra dollars to fund projects and programs that support the success of their students. Wherever your school is with its fundraising strategy, there’s always room for evaluation and improvement. We’ve put together a list of five simple actions schools can take to increase donations, as well as a fequick tips to help strengthen the connection to potential and existing donors.  

Five Fundraising Actions Your School Can Take Today

1. Participate in #GivingTuesday: Celebrated the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, GivingTuesday was started in 2012 as a “global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world” ( The movement provides an opportunity for charitable organizations to rally their communities and encourage donations to their causes through the use of the #GivingTuesday hashtag on social media. For GivingTuesday 2022, online and offline donations in the United States totaled $3.1 billion, an increase of 15% from 2021! You can find several helpful resources to help plan for #GivingTuesday 2023, which falls on November 28 this year, at, including a toolkit for nonprofits with links to logo files and email templates, suggested messaging, and best practices for engaging your community. Don’t worry about implementing all the recommendations the first time you participate; you can start by incorporating #GivingTuesday into your existing social media plan, and set aside time well in advance next year to develop a more comprehensive strategy. 

2. Register on Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. There is a simple registration process, so you will need access to the school’s EIN and bank account information. Once you are registered, remind parents, teachers, staff, and other stakeholders to bookmark, where they can select your school as their charitable organization of choice; they only need to do this once, and all future eligible purchases made at will result in a 0.5% donation to your school.  Once an individual makes a purchase that results in a donation, they’ll be able to view and keep track of the total amount donated to the school across time; this is a fun, useful feature that allows donors to see the collective impact of several small donations made by members of the school community across time.  

3. Remember to ask donors if their employer participates in a matching gift program. Some individuals may not be aware their employer offers a matching gift program, leaving potential fundraising dollars on the table! Make sure to include this reminder on your website’s donation page, as well as in any direct mail fundraising campaigns. While there is technology available for purchase that can be linked to your school’s website, which allows donors to check their employer’s matching gift policy and guidelines on the spot, this is also easy to do without the help of extra tools. Just include a simple, noticeable message that prompts donors to ask if their employer, or their spouse’s employer, participates in a matching gift program. You can also prompt donors to check a box if they already know they have access to a matching gift program and remind them to proceed with the necessary paperwork. Asking donors to check a box makes it easy for you to follow-up about matching gifts.  

What happens next? The donor will then need to request the proper paperwork from their employer (as well as verify that the school is eligible for a matching donation) and submit a matching gift form to your school. Upon receipt of the form, a school employee will need to confirm donation from the individual and submit the form to the employer.  

You may want to check this list of top matching gift companies and share it with your community so those who donate have a quick way to verify if their company has a matching gift policy. This list is not comprehensive as it only covers larger companies with strong matching gifts programs, but it’s still a helpful reference to have. 

4. Register with local supermarkets and other retail stores. Several retailers offer programs that allow customers to donate a percentage of their purchases to the charitable organization of their choice. For example, the Kroger Family of Companies, which operates over 2,700 grocery retail stores across the country, has a Community Contribution Program that allows rewards card users to select a community organization to donate to. If Kroger doesn’t have a presence in your community, you may want to pay a visit to your local retailers to ask if they have similar programs.  

5. Don’t leave grant money on the table! There are hundreds of grant opportunities available to charter schools, some of which require no more than a simple application form.  It can be difficult to make time to focus on grant writing when there are so many other things to get done, which is why EdTec offers grant research and writing services for busy school leaders.  If you wish to speak with someone about how we can customize our services to meet your school’s needs, please send us email to learn moreFor more information about upcoming grant opportunities for charter schools, you can sign up to receive our monthly grants email. 

Three Ways to Strengthen Your School’s Fundraising Program

1. Make your case. The stronger your story, the more compelled your stakeholders will feel to give. Is your per-student funding rate less than the state average? Less than the neighborhood school district? Share these facts with your audience and include numbers when you have them. You’ll also want to include a list of things you aim to accomplish through fundraising, be it reducing class size, purchasing new musical instruments, enhancing facilities, or starting an after-school STEM program, as well as a tally of funds raised to date (if any) and what you’ve been able to accomplish as a result. Give your potential donors proof that their money will be put to good use!

2. Be thankful! Always send timely thank you notes, preferably within two weeks of receiving a donation (and sooner if you can). While it is a nice gesture to send hand-written notes, this is not always feasible, especially for larger schools. Have a template thank you note ready to go, personalize the letter with the donor’s name and donation details, and ask the school’s principal or executive director to sign it.  You might also consider putting together an annual publication that recognizes donors for their contributions and includes information about the projects and improvements that were made possible by their generosity. Donors will enjoy being recognized and be more compelled to give in the future.

3. Stay in touch. Add all donors who are new to your community to your contact list and include them in relevant communications such as newsletters and invitations to upcoming events as a way to remind them of all the great things happening at your school and why they should continue to give! It’s always more difficult to reconnect with donors when they haven’t heard from you since their last donation. Donors are important stakeholders, and we want them to feel like they are a true part of the school community. The more we nurture donors, the stronger these relationships will grow over time.   


Grant Opportunities for Charter Schools – Winter 2022

This post includes grant opportunities with deadlines ranging from December 2022 to January 2023. 

EdTec is here to help your school secure additional funding for day-to-day operations or special projects. We’ve compiled a list of regional and national grant opportunities currently available to charter schools. See below for more information.

If you’re interested in receiving timely information about upcoming grant opportunities, sign up for the EdTec grants newsletter here.

Nationwide Grant Opportunities

Federal Charter Schools Program CMO Grant

Purpose: The Department of Education is inviting applications for new awards for fiscal year 2023 for Grants to Charter Management Organizations for the Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools (CSP CMO Grants). Grant funds may be used to expand the enrollment of one or more existing high-quality charter schools, or to replicate one or more new charter schools based on an existing high-quality charter school model.
Deadline: January 3, 2023. Applicants are strongly encouraged but not required to submit a notice of intent to apply by December 5, 2022.
Learn more.


Charter School Growth Fund – See and Scale Funding

Purpose:The Charter School Growth Fund is looking to support educational leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their high-performing public charter schools. Early-stage growth is supported through Seed Funding, for schools and networks growing to serve 250-1,000 additional students in the next two years, while later-stage expansion is funded through Scale Funding for schools and networks growing to serve over 1,000 students over the next three to five years.
Deadline: Seed Funding applications due January 9, 2023; Scale Funding applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Learn more.


New Schools Venture Fund Innovative Schools Application

Purpose: Grants for the creation of new, innovative public schools launching in Fall 2024. This annual funding opportunity is designed to support early-stage charter organizations launching their first and/or second school in a new network, and support district schools to develop and implement innovative instructional designs within new schools. All schools must be committed to three design principles: an expanded definition of student success, equity and innovation.
Deadline: January 27, 2023
Learn more.

Regional Grant Opportunities

California Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing Program

Purpose: The program addresses the state’s teacher shortage in STEM, special education, bilingual education, and transitional kindergarten, by supporting local education agencies (LEAs) to recruit classified school employees into teaching careers and support their undergraduate education, professional teacher preparation, and certification as credentialed California teachers. Grant awards of up to $4,800 per participant per year may be made to school districts, county offices of education, or charter schools interested in securing grant funding to recruit and support classified staff who already hold an associate or higher degree to complete a bachelor’s degree and earn a California teaching credential.

Deadline: December 9, 2022
Learn more.


If you’re interested in receiving timely information about upcoming grant opportunities, sign up for the EdTec grants newsletter here. EdTec can also provide support with grant writing – reach out to our grants specialist to discuss your school’s needs!