EdTec is a growing national social venture that provides business and development support to over 300 charter schools that collectively serve over 160,000 students in California, Tennessee, New York, Georgia, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Louisiana. EdTec is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area (Emeryville), with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, and Denver. Our services span the entire charter school lifecycle, including charter petition development support, school launch and operations, student data and assessment solutions, strategic planning, board governance, and charter renewal.

We work with start-ups and established schools that operate on a single site, multiple sites, or as CMOs in inner-city, suburban, and rural areas. Our clients have different pedagogic approaches such as traditional, project based, Waldorf, International Baccalaureate, virtual, independent study, and expeditionary learning, and their operational requirements range from standard to complex.

EdTec is also a partner, sponsor, and services provider to statewide charter school support organizations and foundations. Please email askus@edtec.com for a complete list of references or for more information about our services.