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July 20, 2017

EdTec is excited to announce its new partnership with IO Education, a nationwide leader in the education technology industry on a mission to empower educators with data to improve educational outcomes. As part of the partnership, EdTec will provide clients with access to two new, cutting-edge assessment management systems, along with EdTec’s top notch, charter-specific technical support services, all at an affordable price for charters.

IO Assessment and IO Insights are high-powered tools that provide easy tracking and reporting across multiple types of performance data and subgroups, providing quick access to information needed for the LCAP, staff data sessions, bond and grant applications, and charter renewals.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards, IO Assessment empowers teachers to build formative assessments and clearly evaluate students’ strengths and weaknesses in standards mastery. The simple, clean interface provides real-time analysis and reporting, making it easier for teachers to target supports and differentiate instruction.  IO Assessment is priced at $5/student/year, which includes EdTec’s technical support services.

IO Insights creates virtual data walls that allow users to see student faces instead of raw data, enabling educators to group students by skill levels and view performance across a variety of metrics and subgroup categories. IO Insights is priced at $4/student/year, which also includes Edtec’s technical support services.

Schools that wish to purchase both tools enjoy a discounted combined rate of $8/student/year. If you choose to migrate from your current system to an IO system, EdTec will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Ready for a deeper dive? Contact Annice Weinstein, EdTec’s Senior Manager, Assessment, to learn more about how IO Assessment and IO Insights can help you to use data to drive improved educational outcomes at your school!

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