Academic and operations excellence is a daunting challenge for resource-constrained charter schools. Charter schools, unlike traditional public schools, do not have a District Central Office for financial, reporting, compliance, and operational support.

As a result, effective charter school leaders and staff must excel at both academic and operations management, with limited available funds to hire experienced office staff and leverage technology accordingly.

Whether you choose to insource or outsource your school business operations, EdTec has you covered.

EdTec’s back-office service offerings meet the varying needs of charter schools regardless of stage of development, internal staffing levels and skill sets, or philosophy regarding handling back-office operations internally versus externally.

EdTec is unique among back-office services providers in delivering solutions for both in-house and outsourced business operations:

Outsourced Back Office Management

Outsourced Back Office services that are unparalleled in scope, expertise and customer service level.

EdTec has a track record of successfully supporting charter schools since its founding in 2001. Our staff has a combined 380+ years experience with charter schools. They have worked with hundreds of charter schools across the country providing the highest quality service available. With the launch of the EdTec School Portal (ESP), schools now also have an attractive option to confidently and smoothly migrate to an internally staffed back-office support model.

In-House Back Office Management

Software and services for charter schools to manage back-office operations internally with in-house staff:

EdTec School Portal (ESP): Built for charter schools—by charter school operations experts—to efficiently manage back-office operations in-house. ESP is a robust, online, charter school business operations software solution that provides a performance management dashboard, integrated accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, and compliance management for an entire charter school organization.