Through this service offering, we provide a fully-outsourced solution so your school can focus on its educational mission. Financially, the school benefits because it does not need to hire (or supervise) internal business operations staff. Moreover, you receive the benefit of our extensive operations experience and best practices working with California charter schools.

Overall Service Delivery

EdTec has been developing, evaluating and refining its service delivery and processes since its inception in 2001—resulting in a thoroughly defined and documented catalog of procedures, best practices, and methodologies to on-board, train and support our client schools.

The overall EdTec service delivery is proactive and forward-looking, and brings our deep charter operations expertise to bear on behalf of our school partners.

Most Comprehensive Back-Office Service Scope Offered

EdTec provides the most comprehensive outsourced service scope and unparalleled levels of expertise and client service. Our bundled service includes the following support areas:

Note that while some of the above service areas may also appear within the service scope of another provider, what sets EdTec apart is the depth of knowledge in each category, the exceptional service level in every area, and the actual resource availability and responsiveness to client needs.

EdTec’s Service Approach Puts You in Command

Now, more than ever, charter school leaders and boards need to stay on top of the financial health of the organization. EdTec keeps you in control with:

  • Monthly cash flow projections
  • Monthly budget forecasts
  • Expert budget versus actual interpretation—flagging necessary changes, adjusting assumptions and forecasts throughout the year, and warning about potential future cash flow issues

EdTec is a trusted service provider to the school’s Board of Directors, and  a key partner in assisting the Board to meet its fiduciary responsibilities. We take these responsibilities very seriously.

Top Caliber Staff

Our partner schools benefit greatly from their relationships with our highly capable and experienced Client Managers.

Service Delivery Options & Flexibility

EdTec offers multiple, defined service offerings to meet the needs of charter schools based on their unique stage of development, staffing levels, and skill sets.