EdTec has assisted numerous charter schools in developing strong, compliant, and successful charter renewal petitions. Our expert team assists with all facets of the charter renewal process including narrative development, student performance data analysis, and budget creation.

Authorizers have ‘raised the bar’ for charter renewal petitions:

  • Increased emphasis on student performance data analysis
  • Small compliance problems can be show-stoppers
  • Use of detailed rubrics

EdTec will:

  • Provide expert resources to guide your renewal
  • Work with you to analyze the data you have and implement a periodic student assessment regimen
  • Perform pre-renewal compliance audit
  • Help you build a strong renewal petition

EdTec’s 8-Step Process to Charter Renewal:

  1. Review original charter petition
  2. Evaluate school program against renewal criteria
  3. Analyze data for your school and neighborhood schools
  4. Perform compliance audit using EdTec rubric
  5. Re-write charter reflecting past successes and future goals
  6. Create ancillary documents for petition addendums
  7. Generate sound charter renewal petition budget
  8. Provide charter petition advocacy

As a third party facilitator, EdTec assists in bringing the board, school leadership, and key constituencies together in a detailed, thorough analysis of your organization’s past performance and future goals.