Grant writing – it’s something every school should do, but often gets pushed to the bottom of the list amidst the busyness of day-to-day school operations. Hundreds of grant opportunities are available to charter schools, but most school leaders don’t have the time to research and apply.

That’s where we can help. Let EdTec’s grant experts dedicate the time you don’t have to pursue grant opportunities on behalf of your school. Our Grant Research & Writing services are designed to be flexible, allowing us to provide a tailored approach to meet each school’s unique needs. We work with your staff to understand your school’s current situation and determine the best place to start.

Phase 1 – Brainstorming and Grant Research: An EdTec grants expert meets with a small team of teachers and administrators to discuss the school’s vision, goals, and program needs. We synthesize this information and present it to the school leader, along with a list of specific grant opportunities that fit the school’s current funding requirements and student population. Upon completion of Phase 1, schools may choose to tackle the grant writing on their own, or continue to work with EdTec.

Phase 2 – Grant Writing: We draft applications for grants selected by the school as part of Phase 1, or for grants that schools came across when doing their own research.

If you wish to speak with someone about how we can customize our grant research and writing services to meet your school’s needs, please set up a call with us to learn more.

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