Connect with EdTec at the 2023 Charter School Leadership Update!

EdTec is a proud sponsor, exhibitor, and presenter at this week’s 2023 CSDC Conference. Visit us at Booth 304 to say hello to our team and learn how we can support your school with business, operations, and performance services. Don’t forget to check out our sessions. You can learn more below!

Learn More About Our Sessions

Charter School Accountability Summit 

Wednesday, November 8, 9:30 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

ACC North 255C

This Summit reviews fundamentals of charter school accountability, with opportunities to reflect and consider your school’s context.

Summit Part I: Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). Each year, every California Local Education Agency (LEA), including charter schools, must prepare or “update” an LCAP. These complex documents attempt to tie fiscal and programmatic plans, with a focus on monitoring effectiveness of actions that aim to close gaps for “high needs” students. “LCAPing” is not always straightforward, but some approaches help to make sense of the process.

Join Kathy Asmussen, Jennifer Reyes, and Annice Weinstein of EdTec for an overview of the LCAP’s purposes, components, and required process elements, including linkage to the charter school’s charter petition and California School Dashboard data. This illuminating presentation will break down what’s new this year and offer valuable tips to make the process purposeful and efficient. Seasoned professionals and beginners alike will gain insights into established best practices. This session will emphasize practical approaches to optimize the LCAP process and drive impactful outcomes for your charter school community.



Making the ELO Program Work for Your School

Wednesday, November 8, 4:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m

ACC North 259B

The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) is a heavily funded priority for the state budget… and it looks like it’s here to stay! Whether you’ve offered afterschool and intersession programming before or not, there is a lot to learn about this program’s requirements and opportunities to strategically implement it in ways that help your school.

Join this session to get a clear and simplified overview of the program requirements (and ideas for how to track them), learn what is going to be audited, review a few sample budgets and a budgeting tool you can use for program planning, and discuss ideas for maximizing the funding and program efficiency. We’ll go over frequently asked questions and talk with a program director. You will come away with tools and ideas to use immediately to get your ELO Program off the ground.



Improving Recruitment and Building Trust Through Storytelling

Thursday, November 9, 10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

ACC North 254B

Recruitment is likely top of mind for you day in and day out. But is your brand? Before rushing to execute on marketing and communications tactics, it’s critical to engage your community in the development of brand messaging and visuals that reflect the values of your organization and the needs of your audiences. Even the best tactics fall flat without a compelling story. Students quickly sniff out inauthenticity and are waiting to feel heard and inspired. And the vibrancy of your visuals can make or break a good first impression.

Join the Friday, EdTec, and John Muir Charter Schools teams to explore the importance of an inspiring brand for student recruitment, learn how to build trust through storytelling, and review examples of charter school brands that provide the foundation for more effective marketing and communications efforts.



EdTec NCSC21

Join EdTec at the 2021 National Charter Schools Conference!

June 15, 2021

EdTec is excited to be an exhibitor and presenter at the 2021 National Charter Schools Virtual Conference! The conference takes place June 20-23, 2021. We invite you to stop by the EdTec booth in the Solutions Center to say hello to our team members and learn how our charter experts can support your school with business, operations, and performance services. We’re also eager to share how we meet the needs of new school developers around the country with our expertise in charter development.

Annice Weinstein, EdTec’s Sr. Manager, Assessment Data and Analysis, will present a Solutions Session on Tuesday, June 22. We invite you to attend “Data Driven School Culture, But Make It Easy” at 12:00 pm ET.  We will showcase Otus, an affordable K-12 learning platform designed to streamline the process of using data to improve learning. Combined with EdTec’s charter-specific support, Otus is the ideal solution for charter schools striving for a data-driven, equity-focused school culture in a distanced, hybrid, or in-person learning environment.  We will also share how we have partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse®  to provide verified data for charters on their graduates’ college enrollment, persistence, and completion status, along with key reports to support your school’s renewal and other compliance requirements.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge in this area and learning about your school’s data needs.

We hope everyone has a wonderful conference experience!