Why Now is the Best Time to Revise Your LCAP for next year!

by Jennifer Reyes, Ed.D., Educational Support Services Manager October 2, 2018 California charter schools, think back to your experience updating your 17-18 LCAP.  Did you feel overwhelmed by too many goals and metrics?  Outdated actions and services?  Unclear budgeted expenditures?  Lack of available data for any of the sections?  If you experienced any of these frustrations, now is a great … Read More

We Need Proof: Capture & Demonstrate Student Performance across a Data Spectrum

by Annice Weinstein, Senior Manager, Assessment Data and Analysis  May 23, 2018 With so much going on at your charter school on a day-to-day basis, it can be difficult to remember what data your staff needs to track throughout the year. This data is necessary to stay on top of accountability requirements and be able to demonstrate student performance to your … Read More

Introducing EdTec + IO Education

Banner for EdTec and IO Education

July 20, 2017 EdTec is excited to announce its new partnership with IO Education, a nationwide leader in the education technology industry on a mission to empower educators with data to improve educational outcomes. As part of the partnership, EdTec will provide clients with access to two new, cutting-edge assessment management systems, along with EdTec’s top notch, charter-specific technical support services, all … Read More